Don’t Watch That Girl Unit Just Jam Mix

girl unit bok bok night slugs just jam

Is there anything better than watching your favorite DJ’s perform in front of goofy green screen imagery? Well yeah, I guess there is, but Don’t Watch That TV’s Just Jam programming is up there on the entertainment scale. Recently, the Night Slugs cohort took to the online airwaves for several hours to play out space age club music like only they can. For our money, Girl Unit’s set came out on top, but when matched with Bok Bok, Lil Silva and Jam City everyone is a winner. After throwing indulging in some “Sexual Eruption”, Mr. Unit got right into the chunky percussive elements and blast off synth experimentation. The set isn’t as mind-bending as the joint hardware set he did with Bok Bok in London last month, but any chance to see Girl Unit spin is a treat. Especially in front of that green screen. Stream below and download here.

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