Unknown to the Unknown Gives Away Nightwave’s ‘Night Heat’ EP As Holiday Gift


You’ve probably heard about London-based producer/DJ/vocalist extraordinaire Maya Medvesek. Formerly monikered 8Bitch, Medvesek now goes by Nightwave and is somewhat of a universal rising star in the UK, bumpin’ uglies with LuckyMe and Unknown to the Unknown, throwing down some of the best sets this side of the Numbers crew and constantly improving her production acumen. Unknwon to the Unknwon released Medvesek’s Night Heat EP last year, and in a bout of holiday spirit, released it as a free download late last week. Along with the original release’s three tracks, a slow and fast mix of “Night Bird” has been tacked on to add to the festivities. If you’re a fan of wonky, psychedelia-infused, juke-informed, euphoria-inducing techno then Night Heat has just what you need. It’s far from a polished product though and represents a collection of ideas more than a cohesive EP. Nonetheless, the ideas are there and the potential for brilliance is readily apparent. Read Medvesek’s interview with Truants to get inside the head of the Londoner and look for new material in the near future. Download Night Heat here and stream “Palenque” and the “Night Heat 160 Mix” below.

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