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mumdance - springtime

The pairing of Mumdance with Unknown to the Unknown is as exciting a premise as we’ve heard in quite some time. With releases on Keysound, Tectonic and several American labels under his belt, plus a few wildly successful collaborations with Logos, Mumdance has solidified his rave credentials and is ready for the big-time. The Springtime EP does not have a release date yet, but we’ve been gifted a taste of it in the form of “It’s Peak (Club Mix)”, a knife-like techno jam that has our legs moving in some type of way. “It’s Peak (Club Mix)” is spiky and inundated by a dripping water sample, but also retains its rave credentials and maintains a slinky quality. It’s everything at once, a quality that has rocketed Mumdance into the general consciousness over the past several years.

slackk minor triads

Originally sold as a four track EP in April of this year, grime innovator and all around badman Slackk has updated his Minor Triads with seven new tracks (plus two additional songs on the vinyl edition). Like the original EP, the expanded version has been released by Unknown To The Unknown and features a collection of cold, skittering grime with enough ambitious melodic elements to satiate the most jaded grime fans. Dubbed “sino-grime” in the EP description, Minor Triads maintains a certain cerebral element even when Slackk breaks into neck snapping territories. Stream/buy Minor Triads below and hit the jump to stream the latest incarnation of Slackk’s always excellent monthly mixes.

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lake haze

The Unknown To The Unknown roster is made up of a wide-ranging group of producers that, more often than not, bely the expectations set upon them by fans and the music media. Elusive Portuguese-bred producer Lake Haze fits that bill to a T, spilling out a bubbly, direct take on garage and bassline for the ‘nuum-focused masses. With only one release to his name (the aptly titled Late Night Trip EP) and another UTTU release on the way, we didn’t have a ton to go on when we first up Lake Haze for a guest mix, but the mix manages to function as both a comprehensive introduction to his influences and DJ stylings, as well as a surefire party starter. Made up of a combination of UTTU classics and choice bassline cuts, this mix has enough curvaceous low end and patois for even the most jaded listeners. Hit the jump for the full tracklist and download below!

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Riding on the back of a FACT mix and two (!) (one and two) “Party Packages” for Truants, East London grime don Spooky is on a real roll as of late. Always known as one of the very best grime DJs (often playing four or more sets a week on London’s long-running Deja Vu FM), Spooky has rightfully been getting more and more acclaim for the production side of his artistic acumen. On August 12, he will release “Baby”, a rollicking bassline jam, on Unknown To The Unknown. The release will feature a stacked remix lineup, ranging from Matrixxman’s buttery house to Flava D’s stringent garage manipulations. Spooky also carried out what we were all vaguely imagining, utilizing the four bar melody and bass hits of Kanye West’s “New Slaves” to create an unparalleled grime bootleg. Stream below and throw one up for the don.

unknown to the unknown

Ever since hearing DJ Haus’ “Thug Houz Anthem”, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the upcoming Unknown to the Unknown compilation Thug Houz Anthems Vol. 1 and today we got another taste of what’s to come. “Feel It” is a collaboration between UTTU boss DJ Haus and Matrixxman (of 5kinandbone5) and is exactly the pulsating, roughneck brand of garage that we’ve come to expect from each artist. While UTTU generally trends towards the garage realm, their recent output has shown a propensity for hardware-driven house music that has also really hit on a lot of levels for us. If Thug Houz Anthems Vol. 1 combines those two ethos, it’s going to be a special set of tracks.

lake haze

We know virtually nothing about Lake Haze except for the fact that, next week, he will release a single via the always mysterious Unknown To The Unknown. For all we know, Lake Haze could be a pseudonym of label boss DJ Haus or another of the imprint’s internet savvy producers. What we do know is that “Late Night Trip” is one of the more exciting forays into the realm of experimental dance music we’ve experienced this year and should foment quite a reaction among the technophiles. The song should be taken in alongside its suitable psychedelic visual accompaniment and, as of next Monday (May 6), played out in full form at the weirdest dance party you can put together. Stream/watch below, download courtesy of XLR8R, and/or pre-order the single here.


DJ Haus has never been one to demand the spotlight. In an often crowded internet music landscape, the Hot City member and Unknown to the Unknown bossman has flown relatively under the radar while imparting superior sound design and quality throwback tunes on the masses. 2012 saw savvy releases from 5kinandbone5, Sinden and Palace on U2U and a dramatic step forward for Haus’ rave indebted sound. The early 1990’s rave era is still more of a tenuous fantasy in my mind than a concrete sound so I’m gonna have to take Haus’ word when he says that he attempts to imbibe it in his music, but I can say that “Thug Houz Anthem!” has a certain prickly, on-edge feel about it. Certainly in the banger category, the Bone Thugs sampling jawn is full of scratchy acid sounds and a busy percussion pattern. It would probably be fun to listen to at one of those mythological raves I’ve watched documentaries about. The track is part of Thug Houz Anthems Vol. 1, U2U’s upcoming compilation, which will probably be released sooner rather than later. Stream and download below and hit the jump for the accompanying druggy iTunes commercial-esque video.

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You’ve probably heard about London-based producer/DJ/vocalist extraordinaire Maya Medvesek. Formerly monikered 8Bitch, Medvesek now goes by Nightwave and is somewhat of a universal rising star in the UK, bumpin’ uglies with LuckyMe and Unknown to the Unknown, throwing down some of the best sets this side of the Numbers crew and constantly improving her production acumen. Unknwon to the Unknwon released Medvesek’s Night Heat EP last year, and in a bout of holiday spirit, released it as a free download late last week. Along with the original release’s three tracks, a slow and fast mix of “Night Bird” has been tacked on to add to the festivities. If you’re a fan of wonky, psychedelia-infused, juke-informed, euphoria-inducing techno then Night Heat has just what you need. It’s far from a polished product though and represents a collection of ideas more than a cohesive EP. Nonetheless, the ideas are there and the potential for brilliance is readily apparent. Read Medvesek’s interview with Truants to get inside the head of the Londoner and look for new material in the near future. Download Night Heat here and stream “Palenque” and the “Night Heat 160 Mix” below.