New DJ Haus – “Thug Houz Anthem!”


DJ Haus has never been one to demand the spotlight. In an often crowded internet music landscape, the Hot City member and Unknown to the Unknown bossman has flown relatively under the radar while imparting superior sound design and quality throwback tunes on the masses. 2012 saw savvy releases from 5kinandbone5, Sinden and Palace on U2U and a dramatic step forward for Haus’ rave indebted sound. The early 1990’s rave era is still more of a tenuous fantasy in my mind than a concrete sound so I’m gonna have to take Haus’ word when he says that he attempts to imbibe it in his music, but I can say that “Thug Houz Anthem!” has a certain prickly, on-edge feel about it. Certainly in the banger category, the Bone Thugs sampling jawn is full of scratchy acid sounds and a busy percussion pattern. It would probably be fun to listen to at one of those mythological raves I’ve watched documentaries about. The track is part of Thug Houz Anthems Vol. 1, U2U’s upcoming compilation, which will probably be released sooner rather than later. Stream and download below and hit the jump for the accompanying druggy iTunes commercial-esque video.

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