Julio Bashmore 60 Minute Boiler Room LA Mix

julio bashmore

Maybe it’s just my choppy internet, but the Julio Bashmore Boiler Room LA stream came in particularly choppy, giving the whole affair a GIF-like atmosphere in my computer machine. Dancers grooved then repeated. Julio’s headnods took on an alien quality and the set gained a whole new dimension of unintentional comedy. I hope you all saw the 60 minute set in the glamorous form I did, but even if you downloaded and listened in your car, Julio’s foray across acid, funk and classic Chicago was probably equally enjoyable. The majority of the set induced visions of Bashmore’s Prince-channeling Velour side-project, including the purple one’s own “Erotic City”, but also hit darker, tech-ier points like Kowton’s “And What” and opener Funkineven’s “Dracula”. Of course he played “Au Seve”, but he also uncomfortably sang the melody at one point! That part was terrible actually. Anyways, for a more in depth take on the Bashmore live experience, check out dildo’s recap of a night at  A Club Called Rhonda. Stream/download below and hit the jump if you want to enjoy the pixelated GIF-y madness in Youtube form.

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