Doc Daneeka Remixes BeGun’s “San Francisco”


Like many other Brits of the same ilk, Swansea-born producer Mial Watkins, stagename Doc Daneeka (think Catch-22), has recently taken up residence in Berlin and incorporated several of the techno stronghold’s dark sonic signifiers into his music. Lazily classified within the general bass music sphere, Watkins’ music equally emphasizes soulful vocal samples and rich, intricately constructed low end arrangements. After working with Benjamin Damage on 2012’s highly underrated They!Live LP (out now on 50Weapons), Daneeka is primed to have his biggest year to date as both solo artist and curatorial mastermind. You see, along with producing some of the most thought provoking and amorphous low end-focused music around, Daneeka also runs the very much up-and-coming Ten Thousand Yen imprint, also primed for a huge 2013. For his/their first feast of the new year, Daneeka has reworked the unsearchable BeGun’s “San Francisco” into something that resembles the cross-section of Bristol and Chicago. The oppressively deep low end is juxtaposed with retro-sounding organ stabs and a halting garage rhythm. Like most of Daneeka’s output, the remix is nearly impossible to pin down and is clearly suited for a large system. Apparently it has been killing it in live sets so expect a release on Ten Thousand Yen sooner rather than later. Stream below.

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