Harry Fraud Could Have Been A Doctor

harry fraudAs a member of French Montana’s Coke Boys (which includes the Moroccan rapper’s 9 year old son, affectionately known as Lil Poopy), questionably monikered Queens MC Chinx Drugz has access to a good deal of production work many similarly gifted MCs can only dream of. I mean, Chinx isn’t the worst dude in the world, but let’s just say Harry Fraud makes “I’m A Coke Boy”. With Montana sloppily fanutin’ all over the hook and underwhelming (to say the least) verses from Diddy and Rick Ross, “I’m a Coke Boy” needed Fraud to come through and come through he does. Without a doubt one of 2012’s most impressive performers, Fraud has become the New York producer du jour in recent months and has worked with everyone from Heems to Sean Price. Once you get past the novelty of hearing a few mediocre Detlef Schrempf euphemisms, Fraud’s reconstructed strings and piano backing becomes the only real point to listening to  “I’m A Coke Boy” all the way through. Luckily, Fraud let loose the instrumental yesterday opening up the possibility that someone with less dirty money will attach themselves for a verse. Stream/download the remix below and hit the jump for instrumental version.

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  1. d0mniscient said:

    Harry fraud’s a champ!

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