KVN Gates Loves Sosa

Kevin Gates is the biggest Louisiana rapper since Lil Boosie and prior to that, Lil Wayne. 2012’s Make Em Believe tape was one of 2012’s best and Gates has a certifiable radio hit in “Satellite”. Nonetheless, few outside of Louisiana have even heard of the Baton Rouge MC. Eschewing much of an internet presence, Gates has garnered a huge local fanbase that is something of an anomaly in 2013’s amorphous hip hop landscape. I’d expect Gates to gain some national recognition in the coming months, but even if he doesn’t, don’t expect his shelf life to expire anytime soon. There are a lot of awful “Love Sosa” freestyles out there, but Gates’ strained struggle rap is perfect for Young Chop’s minimalist production. As always, Gates is hyper-regional in his references and gives nothing but love for his hometown. The Luca Brasi Story coming soon…

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