New Natasha Kmeto – “Dirty Mind Melt”

natashaPhoto by Carly Birkey

Dropping Gems queen bee Natasha Kmeto appears to be listening to a lot of early-aughts Yeezy production. With a new DG EP, Dirty Mind Melt, dropping February 19, Kmeto has let loose the chipmunk vocal championing title track for mass consumption. “Dirty Mind Melt” takes a step back from the cerebral vocal arrangements on Kmeto’s debut The Ache EP, opting for The Blueprint-esque pitch shifting and skittering hip hop percussion. While airier than much of The Ache, the track matches heavenly orchestral sections with futuristic effects like the best of her debut LP. Unlike most string section driven beat work, “Dirty Mind Melt” doesn’t fall into the obnoxiously heavy handed category due to Kmeto’s commendable restraint and an expertly informed grasp on layering. Stream below and be on the look out for Dirty Mind Melt next month.

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