An Extended Stay In BasedWorld With Keyboard Kid

keyboard-kid-dont-leave-based-worldLaying in wait for months, Keyboard Kid has finally hit the masses with the long-awaited Don’t Leave BasedWorld tape, featuring 27 brand new instrumental creations. While the tape’s cover takes cues from Eazy-E and baroque art, the songs within exemplify the prolific beatsmith’s expansive repertoire and undying work ethic. The tape description puts Keyboard Kid squarely in the Lil B taskforce and the Seattle resident shouts out Raider Klan, Grimes and an odd Nickelodeon cartoon on various tracks. Keyboard Kid is at his best on the euphoric “Based Can’t Stop” and bonus jawn “My Based Journey” and while his productions are certainly tailored to a certain type of MC, Don’t Leave BasedWorld see KK expanding on his previous blueprint into exciting new territory. Few producers manage to ground ethereal/supernatural qualities in concrete beatwork quite like Keyboard Kid. It can only be described as the most based. Stream below and/or cop Don’t Leave BasedWorld for $6.99.

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