John Talabot Remixes The xx’s “Chained”

john talabot

John Talabot’s ƒIN LP was released last February, but it wasn’t until the cavalcade of year end lists came around that the hype machine really got behind the Barcelona-based producer’s prodigious debut. Admittedly, we missed the album the first time around, but it certainly didn’t leave the proverbial tapedeck for months after we realized the mistake we had made. At his best with fellow Spaniard Pional at his side, Talabot’s measured, Donna Summers-inflected house numbers represented a decidedly anti-traditional take in a fairly by the numbers year that saw numerous artists gravitate towards a four-on-the-floor structure. After touring with The xx, Talabot put on his remix hat and joined up with Pional to take on the London trio’s album standout “Chained”, adding some much needed playfulness to the often-times dreary original. Like the majority of ƒIN, Talabot and Pional expertly manage the ebb and flow of “Chained”, teasing the listener with plinking chords and an ever-throbbing kick that drops out predictably at times, but remains engaging. Talabot and Pional sample a familiar synth line from The Streets’ “Blinded By The Lights”, but retain a feeling of unfamiliarity throughout despite the propinquous nature of its elements. Stream below.

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