New Future – “Mark McGwire”


Something has to be said for an artist coming out of nowhere with a fully developed persona and sound. It’s no surprise, with roots in Dungeon Family and whatnot, that Future and his debut LP Pluto have been hugely successful, but the cohesiveness of what the Atlanta MC/crooner represents has to be noted. Mike Will has A LOT to do with that cohesiveness of course, but Future’s voice crack is unmistakeable whether you hate it or love it and is a big reason why Mr. FreeBandz is so wildly successful. While his sensitive thug side has probably garnered more praise, Nayvadius has also gone off on some Sonny Digital productions with aplomb, if not waxing poetic then beating the listener down with an often blunt force (often at the same damn time as say, cooking dope or talking on the phone). “Mark McGwire” falls in the blunt force category and will probably turn off all the people hating on his “freestyle” over that new TNGHT production on the most recent Pitchfork Selector feature. Like the famed (and now much maligned) Cardinals slugger, Future takes the shortest route to the finish line (or fence if you prefer the convoluted metaphor), name-checking Jeezy, Boosie and Antawn Jamison (?!) while simultaneously proclaiming himself king (same damn time again!!). Based on “Mark McGwire”, it doesn’t appear that Future’s upcoming FBG: ‘The Movie’ tape (dropping 1/15) will fall short in its quest for greatness like Marky did.

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