New xxyyxx – “Backroom #8”


Orlando producer xxyyxx never appears to be satisfied with one particular sound. While just about everything Marcel Everett has released to this point is rooted in American hip hop and R&B he’s traipsed across American, British and Mainland sounds without stopping for breath. Everett’s latest one off, “Backroom #8”, is half-based (and it is oh so based) in classic garage territory and half in the complexities of Autechre and Boards of Canada. Sampling Malaysian singer Yuna’s “Lullabies”, “Backroom #8” comes off as a simple version of the contemporary R&B sampling trend at first, but quickly rises from the malaise from which it came via some brilliant sound design that allows the vocals to reverberate and a simply, hypnotic key to draw the listener in. The track has run out of free downloads, but you can still stream below.

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