Dro Carey Hits Up Boiler Room As Tuff Sherm

dro carey

As you’ve probably noticed, we’re big fans of Mr. Eugene Hector in these parts and especially of his work as Tuff Sherm. Probably better known as Dro Carey, Hector laces techno and house tunes as Sherm and we were actually lucky enough to get him to contribute a guest addition to our ongoing mix series. Last month, Hector performed at a special Australia addition of Boiler Room and played out 50 minutes of juicy dance tunes. Like most of Hector’s mixes, the song selection is eclectic to say the least and has left me scrambling for a track listing since the mix’s its air date. Despite the mix being labeled as a Tuff Sherm offering, Hector also includes a few grime, dubstep and other amorphous, low end focused tracks. Stream below.

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