Dro Carey Guest Mix For The Astral Plane


When we first asked Eugene Hector if he would be willing to contribute to our Guest Mix series, we were fully aware that the possibilities for what we might receive from the Sydney-native. A straight-up hip hop mix full of Brick Squad Monopoly and Max B tracks wouldn’t have surprised us, but neither would a true school juke mix, or anything in between for that matter. Following the release of his first LP as Tuff Sherm though, it’s only right that Hector laid down a mixture of obscure British/German techno and tracks from his recent Shrapnel Maestro LP. For those who haven’t been following the many sobriquets Hector has adopted over the past few years, Tuff Sherm is his most dancefloor-oriented project, working mainly in the techno and house realms. Despite a fairly dark vibe overall, Hector juxtaposes dense atmospherics with more upbeat warm vibes repeatedly for an enveloping experience that grows on you every time you listen. Stream/Download below, hit the jump for the full tracklist and grab Shrapnel Maestro here.

Kangding Ray – Wars

PHORK – Discrepancies IV

Urban Tribe – Program 10

Steinhoff & Hammouda – Chestnuts Way

Aztec Mystic – Jaguar

Moodymann – Disco Shades

Mokona – Central Station

Dro Carey – Glitter Variables (Tuff Sherm Dub)

Tuff Sherm – Maler

Tuff Sherm – Hawkins File

Antediluvian Rocking Horse – Ratus Sapiens

Neina – Exitraction

Urchin – Texas Mellow

Frak – Controlled By Siel Dk 80

Gerechtigkeits Liga – 40 Days

Tuff Sherm – Wreckage Diary

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