Komon & Appleblim Collaborate On “Gas Jam”

komon appleblimWith an eye to the low end of the sonic spectrum and Komon, Appleblim and Apple Pips Recordings (think Joe, Peverelist, Brackles) have come together for an all Bristol everything party with the Gas Jam/Silencio single. Both artists are in fine form on a-side “Gas Jam” and the result is one of the phonkier tracks you’ll hear all week, mixing the raise ’em up qualities of disco with an emphasis on bass that is the hallmark of Bristolian dance choons. “Silencio” is a self-described “glooped-out Balearic/kosmiche beat” and while that description flies right over my head, the track touches on a ton of old school funk motifs and is melodic as hell. The single drops March 18 on Apple Pips, but until then stream previews of “Gas Jam” and “Silencio” below.

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