New Lapalux – “BETHR”


Maybe I’m ignorant, but I didn’t recognize the sample (or clearly derived song name) after listening to Lapalux’s brand new smasher “BETHR”. After scouring the interwebs for a a little while, I was only to come up with “Lapalux samples classic vocals”. Of course, a quick lyric search would lead to me Zimbabwean Rozalla’s “Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)”, but something about the fact that many of the biggest blogs in this whole darn blogosphere neglected to mention that fact. It seems like a random event when the general blog group think decides to enlighten their readers on what elements a producer actually utilizes to develop a track. Even one as obvious as this. Anyways, all gripes aside, Lapalux’s debut LP is dropping next month on Brainfeeder (look out for an interview on the horizon!) and “BETHR” (no word on whether or not it will appear on the album) is just sublime. Rozalla’s vocals are played up for maximum emotiveness and Lapalux just does the damn thang. Not much to say about this one, you just have to let it ride out.

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