New Chance The Rapper – “Acid Rain” (Prod. Jake One)

chance the rapper

Chicago MC Chance The Rapper has slipped his name into the national hip hop discussion in recent months as something of a counter-point to the hyper-violence of Chief Keef/King L/Lil Durk. Far from conscious in the traditional Talib Kweli sense, Chance comes from the same neighborhoods as the aforementioned MCs and even garnered a fan-base from Chicago’s high schools, but he channels his entirely into an entirely different subject matter set. Lil Wayne and Kendrick Lamar have been tossed around as influencers/comparisons, but just because Chance can write a damn good hook and spits in a number of cadences doesn’t mean he’s the aforementioned artists. “Acid Rain” is our first taste of the upcoming Acid Rap tape, set to drop in April, and features a mean orchestral backing from Seattle’s own Jake One. At 19, Chance comes off as incredibly mature on these tracks in the least stuffy way possible. That’s where the Kendrick comparison comes in actually. Chance manages to convey extremely heavy topics in an eloquent, yet easily digestible manner. If this has piqued your interest, check out the interview Chance did with Ruby Hornet and download his #10Day mixtape, which was recorded on a suspension from school for selling weed. Then stream and/or download “Acid Rain” below and mark out April on your calendar as the month the hip hop-verse becomes obsessed with Chance The Rapper.

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