SBTRKT Remixes Portico Quartet’s “Line”


Since the release of his 2011 debut, Aaron Jerome aka SBTRKT has been striving for harder edges with every new one off and remix. SBTRKT will probably go down as one of the touchstones of the “bass” music era, an amorphous melange of garage, house, dubstep and techno elements. In 2012, Jerome dabbled in more straight-laced productions, throwing out some harder techno and house tracks. His latest remix, of Portico Quartet’s “Line”, is straight out of UK garage’s early years,  all meticulously arranged bass weight and skittering vocals. This is not the garage many associate with Disclosure, Bicep, etc., it’s the garage that eventually helped spawn Coki, Mala and Loefah. There are light-hearted moments, but they are usually subsumed in a deluge of heaping sub bass. There’s no release date attached to the below video so you’ll just have to stream and enjoy.

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  1. Nice. I like how SBTRKT is evolving, his debut LP had such a distinct sound and this is totally different

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