New Dark Sky – “Confunktion” & “Double U”

dark skyIn this day and age, just about anyone can download a copy of Logic, Ableton, Reason etc. and make “bass music”. I’m referring less to the actual collection of techno, house, garage and dubstep that has come to be known as “bass music” and more your average bedroom producer’s ability to use software to create bass heavy tracks. Spend 10 minutes watching a Youtube tutorial and your music will “bump”. This development isn’t genre-specific or anything, but it reduced the importance of precise in the production and consumption of sub-bass. There are few producers making truly soundsystem-specific music and even fewer making it in the dubstep realm. Dark Sky are one of the few and should be lauded for their adherence to the low end. The London trio’s next release is dropping on March 18 through (fittingly) Pinch’s Tectonic imprint. Stream “Confuktion” (an ode to the Funktion maybe) below and check out the ecstatic “Double U” after the jump.

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