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Since its inception in 2009, Brooklyn-based party purveyors Mister Saturday Night have been a touchstone for quality event management, outgrowing their modest roots and becoming something of a global brand. Only recently though have Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin (the two Misters if you will) expanded their curatorial responsibilities into the recording world, but that doesn’t mean they’re fresh faced or nieve. Only five releases deep, Mister Saturday Night has already released critically acclaimed white labels from Anthony Naples and Archie Pelago and have placed themselves firmly alongside L.I.E.S. and UNO as New York City royalty. On May 13, London trio Dark Sky will release their sixth solo EP through Mister Saturday Night, quite possibly the young label’s most high-profile release to date. Stream EP cut “Rare Bloom” below, which sees the Londoners moving in a more four-on-the-floor oriented direction while maintaining their carefully curated affection for the low end.

dark skyIn this day and age, just about anyone can download a copy of Logic, Ableton, Reason etc. and make “bass music”. I’m referring less to the actual collection of techno, house, garage and dubstep that has come to be known as “bass music” and more your average bedroom producer’s ability to use software to create bass heavy tracks. Spend 10 minutes watching a Youtube tutorial and your music will “bump”. This development isn’t genre-specific or anything, but it reduced the importance of precise in the production and consumption of sub-bass. There are few producers making truly soundsystem-specific music and even fewer making it in the dubstep realm. Dark Sky are one of the few and should be lauded for their adherence to the low end. The London trio’s next release is dropping on March 18 through (fittingly) Pinch’s Tectonic imprint. Stream “Confuktion” (an ode to the Funktion maybe) below and check out the ecstatic “Double U” after the jump.

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I can’t pretend to have known Austin Peralta or to be profound enough to properly eulogize him, but what I can do is recognize the enormous outpouring of love for a young man and transcendent musician who has tragically passed away. It’s easy to portray false love/appreciation through a computer screen, but I truly believe in the genuine nature of the hundreds of tributes that have popped up across the web. I remember seeing Austin at Low End Theory earlier this year and remarking on the ingenuity of his (quite literally) mind melting solos, but leaving halfway through the set nonetheless. Whether it was a lack of patience or just pure laziness, I can’t remember, but Austin’s passing has enlarged a feeling of deep personal regret. On a larger scale, Austin’s passing, like his music, is a remark on the ephemeral nature of life itself. So please, listen to this recording from Austin’s release party in Eagle Rock last year and recognize the incandescence that was Austin Peralta.

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The London-based trio, known by most as Dark Sky, have cut their teeth remixing the likes of The xx and Kells over the past few years, own one of the best EP’s of the year in Black Rainbows and will see their next release on Modeselektor’s ever impressive 50Weapons imprint. Impressive much? Very much. “Shutter Speed” is certainly less melodic than Dark Sky’s past work, but despite its heaviness, manages to maintain an infectious rhythmic quality. Technically proficient bass music from the likes of  Pearson Sound and Boddika can be dense at times, but Dark Sky make catchy as hell tunes that are thoughtfully constructed and unique as well. Stream a clip of “Shutter Speed” below and grab it on December 7 via 50Weapons.

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It has been a while since the last Sounds From The Astral Plane. Don’t have much in the way of words for you today, but I will say that each one of these tracks are well worth your time/hardrive space. God damn Dark Sky always hits the spot. Mid terms are a bitch. Etc. Etc.

Stream/Download: fLako & Brokenchord – “Come Back As A Flower”

Stream: Beat Connection – “Think/Feel” Feat. Chelsey Scheffe

Stream: Eprom – “Regis Chillbin”

Stream: Dark Sky – “Totem”

Stream/Download: Clams Casino – “Swervin”