New Dark Sky – “Rare Bloom”

dark sky

Since its inception in 2009, Brooklyn-based party purveyors Mister Saturday Night have been a touchstone for quality event management, outgrowing their modest roots and becoming something of a global brand. Only recently though have Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin (the two Misters if you will) expanded their curatorial responsibilities into the recording world, but that doesn’t mean they’re fresh faced or nieve. Only five releases deep, Mister Saturday Night has already released critically acclaimed white labels from Anthony Naples and Archie Pelago and have placed themselves firmly alongside L.I.E.S. and UNO as New York City royalty. On May 13, London trio Dark Sky will release their sixth solo EP through Mister Saturday Night, quite possibly the young label’s most high-profile release to date. Stream EP cut “Rare Bloom” below, which sees the Londoners moving in a more four-on-the-floor oriented direction while maintaining their carefully curated affection for the low end.

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