MATRiXXMAN Remixes STRFKR’s “Golden Light”


As abrasive and iconoclastic as Matrixxman’s online persona comes off as, dude can churn out some incredibly populist music. Take last year’s (as 5kinandbone5) “Forest Nymphs” for example. The track is basically a lusher than lush take on classic Detroit tropes, demonstrating the softer side of the YG-associated Bay Area-residents. In his solo work, Matrixxman has repeatedly shown this side, but it’s often obfuscated behind a web of inter-referential graphics and web speak. His latest effort comes in the form of a remix of STRFKR’s “Golden Light”, a pleasant, although slightly vapid effort from the Portland band. Matrixxman begins the track by heaping on glob after glob of cheesy guitar licks giving it that “retro” vibe that so many producers strive for. Matrixxman is far more tactful than “so many producers” though and reins the rework in before it gets out of hand. The result is a tropical take on  slow, disco-infused house. Stream the remix below and grab a download here.

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