Jaw Jam Remixes Next’s “Wifey”

jaw jam

And once again, Will DiMaggio aka Jaw Jam flips a sexy, late night anthem into something even more fitting for 4 AM club play. From the producer’s mouth:

This remix came together rather differently, as I initially set out to remix an entirely different song. While in search for the acappella for Dexplicit’s “Wifey4Lifey”, I came across a vinyl rip of “Wifey” by Next. The acapella is one of my favorites lyrically (your are so crucial girl / so critical girl), and I rarely work with male R&B vocals so I thought I’d give it a shot. Plus I never really understood why people don’t say “wifey” anymore.

“Wifey (U Are So Beautiful)” was originally intended for a Symbols release, but was (questionably) rejected and is now available for all of you beautiful people. I trust that you’ll know the time to throw this one and utilize to its full potential.

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