Here’s Victoria Kim’s Number

victoria kim

We usually don’t post radio rips around these parts (especially ones that are over a month old), but sometimes a track is just so prescient and on-point that it deserves belated attention. Victoria Kim is an Australian duo with a predilection towards sampling American pop in their four-on-the-floor techno endeavors. Mixing the hard-edge bend of a Blawan or Kowton with the familiarity of the most banal strains of top 40, Victoria Kim have managed to meld two seemingly oppositional worlds into one immutable blend. Take “Talk Talk” for example, a Justin Bieber-sampling tune that was debuted on Breach and Citizen’s Rinse.FM show last month. Splitting the difference between Jacques Greene-esque bedroom house and the aforementioned Brits, “Talk Talk” sits comfortably between familiarity and dissonance, drawing the listener in with its all too familiar vocal sample, before delving into druggy, late night club debauchery. Expect a lot more from this prodigious duo in the next few weeks and stream “Talk Talk” below.

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