Lord Quas’ Planned Attack


After Flying Lotus’ Captain Murphy stole the drug-addled/animated alter-ego crown from Ahmad Miller, it was only a matter of time before Lord Quas emerged from his psilocybin-induced slumber. Yessir Whatever, the third official Quasimoto album, will be released on June 18 via Stones Throw (like really, who else?) and will feature a collection tracks released over the past 12 years. A few of the tracks have been released on limited vinyl in the past, but the majority have been hidden away in the Madlib vaults. “Planned Attack” sounds like it was recorded 12+ years ago and we’re all the better for it. We rarely exhort the godliness of the “golden age” like some other nostalgic journalists, but a Jeru The Damaja sample can go a long way in the right setting. See Lord Quas’ guts on June 18.

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