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After Flying Lotus’ Captain Murphy stole the drug-addled/animated alter-ego crown from Ahmad Miller, it was only a matter of time before Lord Quas emerged from his psilocybin-induced slumber. Yessir Whatever, the third official Quasimoto album, will be released on June 18 via Stones Throw (like really, who else?) and will feature a collection tracks released over the past 12 years. A few of the tracks have been released on limited vinyl in the past, but the majority have been hidden away in the Madlib vaults. “Planned Attack” sounds like it was recorded 12+ years ago and we’re all the better for it. We rarely exhort the godliness of the “golden age” like some other nostalgic journalists, but a Jeru The Damaja sample can go a long way in the right setting. See Lord Quas’ guts on June 18.

We weren’t around to tell you, but Freddie Gibbs and Madlib’s “Thuggin” was the best hip hop song of 2011. Bar none. No fucks about it. Gangsta Gibbs’ honest as fuck, true to the-streets braggadocio mixes with the Beat Kondukta’s dusty, sativa saturated beats was a match made in heaven. The ensuing EP was short, but the promise of a second  EP coming Summer 2012 made hip hop heads more than a little wet. Summer 2012 is upon us and lo and behold, the Shame EP has arrived on our doorsteps. More of a teaser than anything, Shame contains two new Gibbs/Madlib tracks along with their instrumentals/acapellas, plus two bonus beats. The two new tracks are more than enough to satiate our needs though. The title track takes Gibbs away from the streets and into the bedroom. Lib creates the perfect soul-sampling bed for Gibbs to wax poetic about his “bottom bitch” and BJ The Chicago Kid sounds smooth as hell on the hook. Best line: “Like I stepped on a banana peel then fell in that pussy/You all be spending your narcotics skrill to get in that pussy”. Gibbs got jokes. At only 1:11 long, “Terrorist” is even more of a teaser, but seeing Gibbs going stream of consciousness over another silky backdrop is still a treat. Head over to Stones throw to cop the vinyl or the MP3’s and stream “Shame” below. Most importantly, the EP release comes with news that the two are gearing up for an LP release “third quarter 2012”. That is very, very soon. Jammin!

*Jesus does not appear in this video, but images of the lord are everywhere. Seek and ye shall find and by way, Blu is not Jesus and neither are you, Thank You*

That’s the message scrawled across the screen at the beginning of the video for his Madlib produced single, “Jesus.” Provocative to say the least. The technicolor visuals go hand in hand with the warm vibe of the track, while the imagery is a mixture of religious monuments and LA gangbanging scenes. A drive-by shooting, prostitutes and parties are interspersed with various churches and beautiful Southern California boulevards. If you’re not interested in reading too deep into what Blu and director aaronisnotcool are attempting to say through the clips, just enjoy the revitalization of one last summer’s best collaborations as the weather warms up.

Now this may not be ‘new music’ per say. The EP was released in 2010…but it needs to be up on this blog. It ties in perfectly with my previous posts on BadBadNotGood and Robert Glasper.  If you liked either of those phenomenal bands be sure to check out this EP! The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble is a 8-piece Chicago based group. With Gabriel Hubert (trumpet), Saiph Graves (trombone), Tycho Cohran (sousaphone), Amal Baji Hubert (trumpet), Seba Graves (trombone), Tarik Graves (trumpet), Uttama Hubert (baritone, and Gabriel Wallace on the drums.  With the exception of Gabriel Wallace, the members of Hypnotic are all brothers.  The band has performed with Mos Def, Aquilla Sadalla, Phil Cohran (their dad), The Recipe, Nomadic Massive, and Tony Allen.

On the Heritage EP, the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble recorded 5 solid reworks of some classic cuts. They reworked tracks by Fela Kuti, Madlib, Jay-Z, Art Of Noise, Outkast and MF Doom. Mos Def scored the set for these amazing reinterpretations as well. I’m almost positive you wont be able to recognize what the original is for some of these tracks because of the way these guys build off of the original beat. Check out their rework of Outkasts Spottieottiedopaliscious below and this AMAZING live show at the Red Bull Music Academy.

Funky interpretation of Spottieottiedopaliscious. Along with this EP, they have released a slew of other material. Whats really cool about this band is that they started off playing around different subway stations in New York and worked up from there. All of their music can be bought on itunes or found on mediafire. Their first two albums, which they sold in 2004 and 2005, Flipside and Jupiter started off their musical conquest to, from one interaction with a bandmember,  “Support live music, people,” he called out, stepping in line with his bandmates. “Bring back real music before it’s too late.”  Their Self titled album Hypnotic Brass Ensemble is also quality.

Black Star,  composed of the prolific MCs Talib Kweli and Mos Def, comeback onto the scene with two solid releases Fix Up and You Already Knew (off the Top secret Aretha Franklin mixtape). Mos Def should now actually referred to as Yasiin Bey…the guy just got tired of Mos Def.  Black Star has been relatively dormant as both artists have been working on their own projects but hopefully this is the beginning to a long awaited reunion. The two performed Fix Up live on The Colbert Report and then released You Already Knew on their website. Fix Up is produced by Madlib and You Already  Knew is produced by Oh No.