New Gucci Mane – “Pablo” (Feat. E-40 & Trinidad James)

Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash 14

It’s been quite some time since Gucci Mane has been at his sociopathic best and the past 12 months haven’t treated big Guwop especially well… Nonetheless, Mr. Davis can still wax poetic about the most minute details of the drug trade and depraved violence better than just about anyone else. If you can get past the lackluster chorus on “Pablo”, then you’ll get one of the better cold, methodical Gucci verses we’ve heard in months (or even years). In the end, E-40 is just the cherry on top and even the Lenox munchkin comes in to passably carry the baton home. Maybe I’m reaching, but Gucci still has a roll in 2013 hip hop and maybe even a decent album left. Apparently, “Pablo” is a few months old and the Trinidad verse in the only new addition, but we’ll take it.

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