New Rexx Life Raj – “Mexican Mafia” (Feat. Dave Steezy)

rexx life raj

The Bay Area has always known how to get down, turning out some of the most exciting, innovative party acts in hip hop history. That fact has also lead to a whole vein (largely perpetuated by New Yorkers) of criticism relating to the Bay’s relative lack of seriousness or “value”. The truth is that the Bay has done more for hip hop with regards to flow, slang and breaking down unspoken barriers than just about any other region and has a long, rich history of turning out diverse acts. Which brings us to Rexx Life Raj. Hailing from Berkeley, Rexx is one of the many nimble MCs to come out of the East Bay in recent years and joins the likes of Sage The Gemini and Iamsu! in representing the sunnier side of the Bay. Just take a peek at the Dave Steezy assisted “Mexican Mafia”. The sound is reminiscent of the slumper style utilized by AP-9, Celly Cel and others, but opts for exuberant wordplay over low slung danger. Rexx has a mixtape dropping on Friday so be sure to check back in this space soon.

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