New Dreams – “Workout (Sanctuary Mix)”


Once known for his kaleidoscopic approach to hip hop, garage and house on labels like Astro Nautico and Friends of Friends, it appears that Los Angeles-based producer Dreams (and his fledgling Private Selection imprint) has discarded much of his former excess and stripped his sound down into something more akin to the sounds of Bristol. Last week, we heard the clanging “Reality Check” in Neana’s Astral Plane Mix and today we bring you “Workout (Sanctuary Mix)”, a massive grime/techno crossover concealed as a standard house cut. It’s rare that you find American artists indebted to soundsystem culture, but Dreams has clearly put the necessary studio time and can at least willfully emulate his UK bredren. The bassline on “Workout (Sanctuary Mix)” is both hypnotizing and jarring, simultaneously harassing and massaging your mental stasis. The laser-like synth stabs and breathy, piercing vocals almost seem like overkill at the track’s onset, but find their place as rhythmic components as it progresses. With so much innovation occurring across the pond, it’s a pleasure to see Dreams push the envelope for the LA scene in both his solo productions and his curatorial role at Private Selections.

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