Eric Dingus Remixes Drake’s “Worst Behavior”

eric dingus

The teenage American producer remixing Drake story isn’t exactly new these days as widely available production software and Soundcloud have democratized the bedroom production world, but every once in a while, you come across a remix that puts you on your ass (or your feels on blast). Eric Dingus is 18-years-old and resides in Austin, Texas. His remix of Drake’s “Worst Behavior” emphasizes the most poignant lines in the original, throwing them over a stargazing melody and hi hat triplets that trend more Shlohmo than Sonny Digital. The remix is immensely pretty in a hermetic fashion. It’s expansive in its means, but snug and sealed in its ends. No word on a download, but with a number of outlets and the October’s Very Own blog taking notice, I’d expect this remix to put a lot of people onto Mr. Dingus.

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