Rushmore Mix For The Astral Plane

rushmore art photoshop2

It’s always interesting to witness disparate (in both a stylistic and geographic sense) musical scenes interacting, referencing and building off of each other. It’s also no surprise that we’re big fans of collaboration and intertextuality in these parts so you can imagine how pleased we were when Trax Couture bossman Rushmore agreed to contribute to our guest mix series. On his own time, the London-based producer makes machine music pure and simple. Rushmore’s tracks are industrial in nature, drawing on London’s ‘nuum fascination to bring together grime, dubstep and techno. He also draws much inspiration from Chicago and New York, specifically the sharp, linear lines of ghettotek and the lewd abrasiveness of ballroom, both of which are clearly apparent in his productions and mix work.

Lucky for all of us, his second 12″ (also the second in Trax Couture’ss HOT series) will be released in early December. You might recognize “Bloodlines” from Neana’s guest mix last week and the rest of the EP follows similar contours, repeatedly throwing jagged rhythms and undulating sub bass at the listener. To celebrate the EP release, the House of Trax folks (Rushmore and Fools) are throwing a party in London with Georgia Girls. The function will occur on December 6 at Birthdays and is sure to feature plenty of choice cuts from the HOT crew. Stream/download Rushmore’s mix below and hit the jump for a full tracklist.

Moleskin – Witch of the west
Akito – Aqua Tryst
Rushmore – Bloodlines
Fraxinus – Vox Humanae
Rushmore – Prada
MikeQ – Pussy Cunt
Rushmore – Ice Ton
Rushmore – Ignite
M.I.A – Y.A.L.A [ MikeQ Mix ]
Moleskin – Slippin
Rushmore – Turn It On
Anthony Viscunty – Work & Pop Ha
Neana & Georgia Girls – Be More
Dance System – DS Theme
Rushmore – Parad [ Overall Dub ]
Neana – Aggro Satin Theme
Dance System ft Jamming Gerald – Move It
Georgia Girls – Baddest White
Fraxinus – All Ends
Jhene Aiko – From Time TF Chop 4 Jesse

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