Jim-E Stack Remixes Purple’s “Feel Alone”

jim-e stack

A few week, the Wedidit horde presented us with Shlohmo’s cavernous remix of Purple’s “The Club”, a track that surely fit the LA outfit’s aesthetic, but left us a little cold. With the song came the promise of remixes from Jim-E Stack and IVVO, which have finally reached daylight along with a free download of the entire three song package. Whereas Shlohmo decided to submerge the already dangerously dense original into a reverb-filled hell hole, New York-resident Jim-E Stack opted to re-contextualize the emotions emanating from “Feel Alone”, transforming it into the sonic equivalent of driving a car on the beach at night. It’s still darkly melodic, but there’s hint of a confusing tropical vibe and a propinquity for propulsion that elicits auto travel. Or maybe I’m full of shit. Regardless, it’s a brilliant flip that evens mutates into a breakbeat-laden jungle monstrosity in the last twenty seconds. Stream Jim-E Stack’s “Feel Alone” remix below and download the full package here.

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