Premiere: TryTryDieDown – “Cool Party”

cool party cover

Like many of his Scottish contemporaries, Aberdeen-based producer TryTryDieDown has a knack for synth-led melodies that are based as much in the g-funk and electro of yore as they are garage and grime. With a number of widely variegated number of originals and edits (Khia, Khan & Neek, Andre 3000) to his name, TryTry has shown a willingness to experiment across ‘nuum styles, balancing the more aggro sides of 140 material with R&B-centered garage. It’s a kaleidoscopic approach that some might misconceive as meandering, but TryTry isn’t unfocused, just hyper-curious. Today, we bring you “Cool Party”, a track that initially sounds like Jacques Greene’s “Body Party” remix before revealing its true colors as a roughneck grime roller concealed under layers of swirling, evocative synth work. It’s easy enough to get lost in the melodic components, but the track is heavily layered and its sharp snares and crunching percussive stabs are equally rewarding.

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