Jay R Neutron Compiles Beyonce Edits Into Single Massive Mix

Jay R Neutron

MikeQ’s Qween Beat outfit has been an influential East Coast force since its inception in 2005, but despite its reputation as a ballroom/vogue icon, the label only has a handful of official releases to its name. Along with Beek and Divoli S’Vere, Jay R Neutron is one of the key cogs in the Qween Beat machine, installing his Baltimore sensibilities into the traditional ballroom sound. Earlier today, Jay R let loose “The Bey Mix”, a nearly hour long mix comprised of ecstatic Beyonce edits. As if one or two think break laden, “ha” sampling Beyonce edits wasn’t enough, Jay R went full marathon on us, chopping up the full album into a complexly constructed club dominatrix. No download at this point, but this listener wouldn’t mind a few of these edits seeing the light of day as individual units.

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