Trap Door Mix For The Astral Plane

TRAP DOOR ARTTrap Door doesn’t make trap — which is, well, a good thing. Instead, Manchester-based Connor Shepherd constructs exquisite club compositions while applying a stripped down, retro aesthetic to contemporary dance music. As part of the Gang Fatale collective alongside the likes of past Astral Plane mixer Neana, Ra’s Al and Georgia Girls, Trap Door is at the forefront of the percussive, linear club music that draws from both sides of the Atlantic. At times, Sheperd sounds like he’s channeling the spirit of Arabian Prince, infusing euphoric synth melodies into a melange of abrasive kicks and snares. Other times, he’s clearly looking to the Atlantic seaboard, utilizing vocal cuts, “ha” samples and kick patterns from Baltimore, Philladelphia, Jersey and New York. The Trap Door sound is decidedly fresh and new, but always emits a cool, calm and collected attitude that transcends the ephemeral qualities of the club trax format.

For his Astral Plane Mix contribution, Shepherd condensed the essence of Trap Door into a single, easily digestible document. The mix exists in a world where Drake spends most of his time driving up and down I-95 in a wretched, hydraulic-laden abomination and gun fingers are the common currency. If the think breaks don’t rile you up, the “ha” samples surely will and the calls for bad mind and worst behaviour will finish off the job. Hit the jump for a look at the track list (you might just discover a few gems) and stream/download below.

4 Luv (Loops Mix) – Moleskin
Midrift – Sudanim
42 Dunjunz – Ra’s Al & Neana
500 Years (Georgia Girls Remix)- Jam City
Who Gotta Donk (J Heat Remix) – DJ Wallah
Luv Thang – Trap Door
I Took The Night (Hot Rod & Dj Sliink Remix) – Chelley
Pumps (MikeQ Remix) – Imaabs
She Get It From Her Momma – Mike Gip
JJ aka Nasty Remix – Neana
Reality Check – Dreams
Badmind Rework – Ra’s Al
Y.A.L.A. (MikeQ Bootleg) – M.I.A.
Jawbreaker – Neana
Bang – Kayy Drizzz
Hotel Vobez – Trap door & Neana
Worst Behaviour (Hot Rod Remix) – Drake
So Seductive – Trap Door & Georgia Girls
Nights in Egypt – DJ Technics
T Shirt & Panties – DJ K Deucez

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