Logos Mix For The Astral Plane


Dusk & Blackdown’s Keysound Recordings label functioned as a home for experimentation and left-field recordings for the past several years, churning out more than their fair share of seminal records. With the recent spate of grime “revivalists” (sorry) in mind, the label has released the likes of Visionist, Rabit, Moleskin and others, preferring a sub-freezing, enveloping take on the traditional sounds of Wiley, XTC and Musical Mob. While their are more than enough examples to choose from, Logos‘ 2012 Kowloon EP exemplifies the brittle, yet protean sound that the aforementioned producers, Keysound and, especially, Slackk’s monthly mixes have come to exemplify. Crystalline in nature, Kowloon has been compared to the piano compositions of Phillip Glass, relying more on wispy melodies than on machinegun snare bursts or patois banter. 2013’s Cold Mission LP (also on Keysound) acts as an apogee of this sound, an exquisitely constructed 11 song album with several collaborations and out-of-nowhere interruptions to keep the listener on edge.

At this point, we’ve left it to other, more talented writers to espouse the venerable qualities and inherent frigidity of Cold Mission, so instead we reached out to the man himself (born James Parker) and asked for a contribution to our guest mix series. After a few months of emailing back-and-forth, we wrangled the following 30 minutes of hazy techno, forceful drum tracks and 90s Memphis rap. The track list has been left intentionally vague, but if you’ve been following us, you’ll surely recognize a few choice cuts and will surely recognize more as they emerge (or not) in the future. Enjoy.

Ships in Fog


Purple Image

42 Dunjunz

Iphone Smash

Glass – Test Tone mix



Anna Got Me Clickin

Cubi X Amiga loop edit

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