Download Chris Travis & BONES’ SeaBed Mixtape


After releasing a couple songs together, Water Boy Kenshin Travis and TeamSESH headmaster BONES finally give us a complete mixtape (coming in just under 19 minutes) titled SeaBed. The tape flips between romance-leaning tracks like opener “FijiFalls,” which features BONES’ crooning, “I just hope you’re safe and sound” and darker cuts like “FallenLeaves,” which (after a build featuring a rain stick) sees Travis’ monotone finishing the track off with, “yeah I make a killing, just by killing.” The two flaunt designer water and murder without discretion, cutting themselves off mid-bar to let haunting beats from soundcloud producers take over. This project allows the two to fully realize their Solomon Grundy-like return from the grave and similar in more ways than not, Travis and BONES’ embrace their anti-hero role on SeaBeds. Download here and stream the full project below.

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