Download Folie Douce’s Cold Confessions


Coming straight from the hustlers of Belgium collective Folie Douce is their third compilation titled Cold Confessions. With nine near stand-alone tracks, Folie Douce rounds up every hitter they could get their hands on for what could be anyone’s 2014 Freshman list. Familiar faces include P. Morris (formerly Morri$ of Fade to Mind), S-Type, and DJ Paypal, but it was PC Music head honcho A.G. Cook‘s euphoric “HAD 1 (Club MIx)” and Kon‘s take on Ariana Grande’s “Honeymoon” that came through as the sleeper cuts. Jumping from footwork to rnb edits to jersey club, let Cold Confessions be your 2014 music chaperone. Stream/download for free Folie Douce’s Cold Confessions through soundcloud below and for more goodies from the Belgium braniacs check out Folie Douce Compilation Vol. I and Vol. II.. 

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