Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf Contributes To Truants’ Functions Of The Now Series


Truants Functions of the Now mix series has been one of the most pertinent touchstones for anyone curious in contemporary grime and its variegated mutations. Past editions — from Inkke, Murlo, Strict Face and Sudanim & Miss Modular — feature some of strongest young producers, many of whom reside outside of London, dipping their toes into the protean grime pool, adding their own personal skill to the sounds of London. Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf lives in Berlin and makes metallurgic tracks that function on the periphery of club music. Truants also spoke with Biberkopf about the construction of the club environment, Berlin and the human voice in a wonderfully illuminating environment. If you’re at all interested in how we relate to the body, then Biberkopf’s Functions of the Now contribution is a must have.

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