New Anthony Naples – “Perro”


At some point over the past two years, Anthony Naples crossed the threshold from “talented newcomer” to “New York City dance music talisman”, but you’d be hard pressed to point out exactly when the transformation occurred. From his very first release on Mister Saturday Night (the Mad Disrespect EP), people flocked to the young, modest producer and by the time the “P O T” single was released on Proibito in 2013, a full blown Naples folklore had developed. It doesn’t hurt that Naples exclusively releases on reputable outlets like Rubadub and The Trilogy Tapes along with the aforementioned Mister Saturday Night and Proibito, was recruited by Four Tet to open his U.S. tour, and has garnered plaudits from just every publication on either side of the Atlantic. But the truth is that much of the Naples folklore has arisen organically as a result of the outstanding quality of each and every release since the barnstormer that was “Mad Disrespect”. In May, Naples will release his second EP on The Trilogy Tapes, anchored by the following “Perro”. It’s dusty, roughhewn and slightly psychotropic, all too common descriptors for a Naples song, but ones that function for a reason.

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