Cairo Liberation Front Remixes SBMG’s “Oeh Nah Nah”


If you’ve followed Cairo Liberation Front over the past year, you’ll have surely noticed their willingness to expand their sound into new territory and have especially shown a willingness to experiment with American rap. The Tilburg-based trio are the first act outside of Egypt to take on electro chaabi (otherwise know as mahragrant) and have taken to the wedding music-born style with an intense fervor. For more on electro chaabi, see Generation Bass’ ahead of the curve coverage, The Quietus’ exposes, or Mumdance’s recent crossover mixtape. There’s a wealth of information (and misinformation) on this rich musical style and at this point, we’re certainly not the outlet to be making definitive statements on it. Anyways, CLF recently released their first official remix, a take on Amsterdam-based duo SDMG. Playful handclaps and a childishly captivating synthesizer melody set off SDMG’s Dutch rapping, which is incomprehensible to my ears, but sounds wonderful in this context. Stream and download below.

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