New SPF666 – “Scorpion Cache” (Neana Val Venis Mix)


Previewed in mixes for the past several months, Neana’s wildly creative “Val Venis Mix” of SPF666‘s “Scorpion Cache” has finally reached daylight. Part mashup, part interpolation, the prodigious London producer wraps King L‘s C-Sick produced “Val Venis” for a percussive ride, drawing its menacing melody out over a vexing kick drum pattern. Discharged of its youthful fury, C-Sick’s beat takes on a playful, 8-bit quality that allows Neana to flex his four-on-the-floor grime-meets-ballroom into a deadly club projectile. It’s the type of track that transcends its various influences and it embodies the reason why so many producers are attempting to replicate Neana’s production stylings. Its quality also represents why so few of those producers have managed to come anywhere near his prowess. Download the remix below and look out for the Scorpion Cache EP, out next month on Club Chemtrail.

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