New Salva – “Drop That Bitch” (Feat. Schoolboy Q, Problem, Kurupt, Bad Lucc)


Disclaimer: I’ve spent the past few months as an intern at Friends of Friends.

What a way to start a label. Los Angeles veteran and Friends of Friends representative Salva jumpstarted his latest venture, Peacemaker, earlier today with a rejuvenated version of 2013’s “Drop That B”, aided by the vicious quadrumvirate of Schoolboy Q, Problem, Kurupt and Bad Lucc. While some of Salva’s recent output has trended towards the populist and watered down, the upcoming Peacemaker mixtape will make strides in establishing him as an genre-straddling entity that will allow him to feel equally comfortable in the rap and dance music worlds. And what better way to do that than four and a half minutes of cutthroat raps from some of LA’s brightest stars. Salva’s hydraulics-laden original is slightly revamped with brief, chugging guitars, while the MC’s provide the requisite rappity rap heat to keep heads nodding.

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