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Disclaimer: I’ve spent the past few months as an intern at Friends of Friends.

What a way to start a label. Los Angeles veteran and Friends of Friends representative Salva jumpstarted his latest venture, Peacemaker, earlier today with a rejuvenated version of 2013’s “Drop That B”, aided by the vicious quadrumvirate of Schoolboy Q, Problem, Kurupt and Bad Lucc. While some of Salva’s recent output has trended towards the populist and watered down, the upcoming Peacemaker mixtape will make strides in establishing him as an genre-straddling entity that will allow him to feel equally comfortable in the rap and dance music worlds. And what better way to do that than four and a half minutes of cutthroat raps from some of LA’s brightest stars. Salva’s hydraulics-laden original is slightly revamped with brief, chugging guitars, while the MC’s provide the requisite rappity rap heat to keep heads nodding.

jubilee - pull ova

With 2012’s Pop It! EP, Jubilee made her purpose of fusing Miami bass with contemporary American dance music styles very clear. The EP was met with mixed reviews, but in the months since its release, the Brooklyn-resident and Mixpak reppin’ DJ/producer has proven the ability (again and again and again) to infuse the stripped down, booty-focused nature of Miami, Uncle Luke and strip clubs into a relatively contemporary formation. On January 28, we can all celebrate the Eastern seaboard and its respective dance sub-cultures via the Pull Ova EP, which also be released on Mixpak. The EP features a tone-changing remix from Salva, plenty of Miami signifiers and two wildly entertaining originals in “I-95” and “Pull Ova”. There are also plenty of nods to Chicago and Detroit, specifically with regards to jit and Dance Mania, references that are always appreciated. Stream the EP below and if you’re in the Brooklyn area next weekend, hit up the release party, which will also feature Dubbel Dutch, Dre Skull and others.


In a recent interview/feature in LA Weekly, Frite Nite boss and BBC Radio One DJ Salva opined that “It was only last year when I realized that I’m a hip-hop DJ and producer who likes dance music, not the other way around.” The difference between the two approaches might seem like semantics to some people, but the results are drastically different. Take the difference between a guy like Bird Peterson and, say, Ryan Hemsworth. They both purportedly make hip hop-informed dance music, or the other way around if you prefer, but the results are dramatically different. Hemsworth is part of the Green Ova click (Main Attrakionz, Shady Blaze) and has been producing for hip hop artists for years. On the other hand, Peterson essentially makes synth-heavy house music with hip hop samples. Two different approaches, two entirely different outcomes. On February 12, Salva will release the Odd Furniture EP on FoF Music and important step for a producer/curator who has opened huge new pathways for himself and his cohorts over the past few months. “Drop That B” is the first taste from the EP and, like Salva’s recent collaboration with Brenmar, borrows heavily from the ghetto/bass club music varieties of the late 80’s/early 90’s. The track is definitely a departure from the house-informed tones of 2011’s Complex Housing LP, but is also far more subtle than the “Mercy” remix that has become synonymous with his name. We’ll let you decide which approach he took on it. Stream below and cop Odd Furniture on February 12.

salva & brenmar

Tonight, dons of hype ass American club music Salva and Brenmar begin their joint US tour with a date in Los Angeles’ King Thing venue (along with RL Grime). 2012 saw Salva reach new heights of popular success, imprinting his sound on a generation of “reformed” brosteppers, wrangling a guest appearance from Pusha T at the Red Bull Culture Clash and, most impressively, garnering one of BBC’s vaunted In New DJs We Trust spots alongside Jackmaster, Monki and Brodinski. Brenmar didn’t hit the same level of popular success that Salva did in 2012, but the longtime club trailblazer expanded his sound into the hip hop and pop arenas through various mixes, production work and edits. It goes without saying that the two are some of the most in demand producers/DJs in the American scene and will be laying down some wonderfully variegated sets throughout the tour. To celebrate the opening date, the LA/Chicago duo has released a refreshing update on DJ Deeon’s Windy City ghetto house anthem “Let Me Bang”. The remix has a Dutch feel to it, exhibited through some bleepy synth stabs, which might turn off some listeners, but the uninhibited take is undeniable fun and Deeon’s vocals (“hit it from the back”) are immensely chant-able. Stream and download below.

Emily Wells is a multi-talented, Los Angeles based violinist who released an album, Mama, back in April that received generally positive feedback, Wells’ music is pleasant enough, but not really in the vein of tunage that we feature at The Astral Plane. Earlier this week though, Wells posted Mama Remixed to her Soundcloud and I’ll be damned, but it might just have one of the most impressive producer lineups of any release you’ll listen to all year. Salva, Jeremiah Jae, Baths, Teen Daze, Dan The Automator and more contribute, but Kid Koala steals the show with is mellow, noise-leaning take on “Passenger”. Stream the Kid Koala remix below and grab the full album for free here.

Over the past few weeks, several track I was blown away by at the Groundislava/Salva/Tomas Barfod/Shlohmo show at the Echoplex have surfaced in some format or another. First, it was Girl Unit’s “Ensemble (Club Mix)”. Next up, RL Grime let loose “Trap On Acid”. Well, I’m a little late on this one, but if you saw me incoherently stomping my feet when Salva played it out, you’d want to hear it immediately. If you don’t know, Salva is the head of Frite Nite and Grenier, under the DJG moniker, has been making some of the best Dubstep and Drum & Bass this side of the Atlantic since 2006. “Wake The Dead” is the A-Side of the FTNT014 and the out and out banger while B-Side “Forest Floor” is far deeper. “Wake The Dead” features brash claps and synth stabs, occasionally interrupted by some classic soulful Garage vocals. Both artists signature styles are readily apparent, and the track transitions effortlessly between half-step and two-step, bringing London, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco together. “Forest Floor” brings Grenier’s Jungle roots to mind with a tribal beat spurring warm synth washes accentuated by chopped R&B vocals. Whereas “Wake The Dead” aims straight for a driving club atmosphere, “Forest Floor” brings the listener to the same atmosphere before they even realize it. Overall, a short, but promising debut collaboration from the two California residents. Stream the tracks below and head over to Frite Nite to cop FTN014.

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Back with the third installment of “Sounds From The Astral Plane.” We missed last week, but we’re back to satiate your thirst for the best tunes from the independent/underground worlds. Enjoy.

Stream: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – “Tapes & Money (Soundcloud edit)”

First off, we have a preview of the brand new single by everyones favorite Jurassic raver, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. The track, titled “Tapes & Money” will not not be released for another two months, but this three minute preview will have to do for now. The Oxford native turns in another solid effort here with another feel good track with some bouncy synth stabs and a catchy chord progression. “Tapes & Money” will be released in April followed by TEED’s debut album in May.

Stream: Shlohmo: “wen uuu (Salva Remix)”

Friends of Friends label mates Shlohmo and Salva team up for this remix in anticipation of their upcoming European tour and the Tuesday release of Shlohmo’s Vacation EP. Here, Salva takes the ultra-smooth, meandering “wen uuu” and turns it a completely different animal. Maintaining the pitter patter sounds and the chopped vocals, Salva adds a nice kick and some futuristic synths to create an uptempo banger. Cop Vacation on Tuesday and check out Salva or Shlohmo on tour if you’re in the EU.

Download: D’Angelo “Untitled (How Does It Feel?) (L-Vis 1990’s Own Way Edit)”

Amid all the hype surrounding D’Angelo’s return from his decade long absence, a bevy of remixes from across the electric music spectrum have started popping up. My favorite so far has to be from the Night Slugs head honcho himself, L-Vis 1990. L-Vis takes D’Angelo’s “Untitled” and turns it into a subtle house track.

Stream/Download: JJ DOOM – “Cockney Rhyme And Slang” Feat. Dels

JJ DOOM is the collaboration between experimental hip hop producer Jneiro Jarel and the legendary MF Doom. Several months ago, Dave Sitek released a remix to the duos track “Rhymin Slang” and set the indie and hip hop world ablaze. Now, Grime MC Dels has added a verse to the track to add another dimension to an already hot song.

Happy February friends.