New Palmistry – “Protector SE5”


Back in 2012, Benjy Keating, aka Palmistry, released a collaborative full-length with Cantonese-language MC Vinh Ngan as Triad God. The album, titled NXB (“New Cross Boys”), was released on Hippos in Tanks and featured swimming, cinematic production that brought to mind both aquamarine ocean tones and molasses-drenched house production. These days, Keating is functioning as a solo entity and has taken the blueprint established on NXB and melded it with a melodramatic dancehall archetype. Keating brings a sensual touch to dancehall that goes against the form’s standard braggadocio, but involves a beyond complete audial/visual composition that belies his relatively recent entry into the solo singer/producer world. “Protector SE5”, presumably referencing the London post code, is Palmistry’s latest single for Mixpak and a brilliant follow-up to the still-in-rotation “Catch”. Pre-order “Protector SE5” here and watch the Keating and Daniel Swain directed “Catch” video here.

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