New 6MAKA6 – “Clap Bakk (Clap For Me)”


Toronto by-way-of Montreal producer Steven Hill, aka 6MAKA6 (formerly Hesk), has plied his trade in the footwork-verse for several years now, representing the form in Canada and collaborating with the likes of Nadus and Paveun. 6MAKA6, Hill’s latest project, sees him delving into hyper-real drum trax by combining the visceral rawness of ghetto house with a hi-fi, crisp sound palette and slamming production quality. “Helium”, a reverb heavy track in the Jam CIty vein, set the tone for the project, but “Clap Bakk (Clap For Me)” is the mission statement, dispensing of pastiche to draft a wholly original document. Two deliberately chopped classic vocal samples, give the track texture and relative respite from the thumping kicks, while Boddika-esque arrangements drum machine arrangements delight. Whether you call it techno or something else entirely, it’s clear that Hill has tapped into something special with this alias. Head over to Insert to grab a free download of “Clap Bakk (Clap For Me)” and be sure to bookmark Sir 6MAKA6.

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