JT The Goon Remixes Inkke’s “Paradise”


Listening to a remix sans knowledge of the original is always a fascinating venture, inciting wild speculation and undeniably shaping ones eventual listening experience. JT The Goon‘s remix of Inkke‘s “Paradise” has had a perplexing effect after several listens, falling on the more beauteous, melancholic side of both JT and Inkke’s spectrum while featuring a vocal performance new to both producers’ work. Splintering kicks enter the picture when needed, but the track functions as a sort of grime singer-songwriter fair, churning several short vocal bits from Julia Juban into a wandering, cinematic piece of pop futurism. How Inkke’s original sounds is almost impossible to consider in light of JT’s brilliance, but the song, which will appear on his upcoming Crystal Children EP for Local Action, is readily anticipated.

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