New Sabrina – “Clique Track”


Berlin is quickly becoming home to a cadre of wildly inventive producers combining the stringent hierarchy and supreme production ideals of techno with the roughshod experimentalism of grime, ballroom and Jersey club. Lotic, M.E.S.H. and Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf are the first to come to mind, but fellow Berliner She’s Drunk has also been churning out major tunes, many of which were highlighted in his “Materials” mix for DIS Mag. Recently, She’s Drunk joined up with Le Feu to form Sabrina, an exciting dancefloor duo that has found a home at (former Facebook group) Through My Speakers. “Clique Traque”, from Through My Speakers’ Nurned.01 compilation, is the first song to appear from the project and it does not disappoint, combining healthy wooden percussion with a demanding “fucking click track” vocal sample. The song can be downloaded sans fee here along with a track by Radar Bird.

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