Astral Plane Radio 001

astral plane radio 001

Over the past two and a half years, we here at The Astral Plane have worked tirelessly to provide a carefully curated, diamond-precise selection of original content. That content has taken the form of interviews, reviews and a mix series that has nearly reached its 40th edition as well as a bevy of daily posts highlighting the most talented fringes of the club and hip hop worlds. Since the site was established in January 2012, our writing team has shrunk and so has our vision culminating in our current focus on the most deranged, exciting corners of the experimental dance music world. Baltimore, Newark, Lisbon, Bristol and Berlin are our meccas as we attempt to bring a conceptual framework to music that refuses to be classified. Our latest venture, Astral Plane Radio, is not a radio show in the traditional sense, but considering our role as a curator of original content with the internet as our outlet, it will function in a similar manner to your FM dial. Every month, our in-house DJ team will bring you a condensed version of our coverage, replete with exclusive originals, edits and club devices from the artists we look to for inspiration. Because the music we regularly cover doesn’t fit within any specific tempo, genre, or structure-based hierarchy, expect eclectic selections that refuse to fit into existing geographic, sonic, or intellectual strictures. Stream/download Astral Plane Radio 001 below and hit the jump for the full track list.

Trap Door – Hard In The Paint [Gang Fatale]

Emery Haruspex – Cap Em (Helix Disco Cuts Version) [Self-released]

DJ Haus – Woo Yeh (James Brown Bmore Edit) [Unknown to the Unknown]

Schwarz – Open Up Yr Mind (Rap Remix) feat. La Chat & TT The Artist [Thunder Zone]

French Montana – Ain’t Worried About Nothin (Lvnar Orchestral Mix) [Self-released]

Sade – Never Thought I’d See The Day (L-Vis 1990 Sunrise Edit) [Self-released]

Daniel Klauser – Today [Diamante]

Wen & Parris – Caught [Tempa]

Mumdance – The Sprawl [Rinse]

Bok Bok – Howard [Night Slugs]

Young Thug – Treasure (Kazey Edit) [Self-released]

Rushmore – Air Trax BW [Self-released]

6MAKA6 – Helium [Self-released]

Trap Door – Luv Thang [Ra’s Al Fatale Relick] [B.YRSLF DIVISION]

Tsvi – Gold Cave [Forthcoming]

Moleskin – Turnt On [Goon Club Allstars]

L-Vis 1990 & Sinjin Hawke – The Pit (Tsvi Edit) [Self-released]

Rabit – Plymouth [Self-released]

Brenmar – Hey Ladies (Neana Remix) feat. Uniique [Self-released]

Victoria Kim – Blow Ya Smoke feat. Divoli S’vere [Forthcoming]

DJ Kiff & Kayy Drizz – Thuggish Ruggish Bone [Self-released]

Murlo – Ravine [Her Records]

Femme En Fourrure – Palms Glide Up Thighs (Neana Remix) [Cocoa]

Popcaan – Love Yuh Bad (Go Mike Gip Remix) [Mixpak]

Music For Your Plants – Paramilitary (Arkitect Remix) [Private Selection]

Kid Antoine – Expected Encounter [Her Records]

Tinashe – 2 On (Uniique Remix) feat. Schoolboy Q [Self-released]

Lapalux – STNR [Self-released]

Strict Face – Creep Zone II (Miss Modular Club Mix) [Her Records]

Samename – Gishiki [Pelican Fly]

Riley Lake – B Goin In (Vocal Mix) [Self-released]

Victoria Kim x NA – Doom Flute [Forthcoming]

Visionist – First Love [Lit City Trax]

Mumdance – Take Time feat. Novelist [Rinse]

Kanye West – Sierre Leone (Remix) (Shriekin’ Bootleg) [Self-released]

Future – I Win (Different Sleep Remix) feat. Kanye West [Self-released]

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